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Firmware Update

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Updating the firmware software for the Linksys routers is the best option you can go for if you are facing the slow speed issues for your routers. You will have two options to update the firmware for your router; either you can go for manual update of you can also go for the automatic update option. You can go for the manual update if you want to control the numerous changes while updating the firmware for the Netgear routers.

Downloading the Latest Available Firmware Updates for Linksys Routers

Here are the simple steps for checking the latest available firmware updates for your lynksys routers.

  • Simple login to the Linksys router and check the latest available firmware for your Linksys routers.
  • Simply click on the Download option and save the file at any desired location in your computer.

Linksys Firmware Update Process

Here are the simple steps to update the downloaded firmware for the Linksys routers. please feel to contact our support team any time you need help regarding the Linksys router login issues.

  • Open the web browser and fill the login IP address 168.1.1 in the web browser. This is the default login IP address for login in to the Linksys routers.2
  • After login to the Linksys routers using the default login details, go for the “Administrative” option.3
  • After selecting the option “Administrative” select the option “Firmware Upgrade”.4
  • Now, click on the “Browse” option.5
  • Here you will need to find the firmware file you have just downloaded.6
  • “Open” the file and click on the option “Start Upgrade”.
  • Click “Continue” when it prompts that the upgrade has been flourishing.

You May Need to Restart the Router After Firmware Update

In some cases you may need to restart the router after making the firmware upgrades. If you are facing any other kind of issues, you may contact us any time for the professional assist. We are available for 24/7 regarding any kind of help for the issues like linksys router login admin, login wireless settings linksys, updating firmware linksys router, default log in for linksys, router login linksys, 192 168 1 1 admin linksys, linksys router login.com, linksys routerlogin, linksys router configuration , log in linksys router, lynksys router login, http://linksys router login/, 192.168 1.1 linksys router login password, linksysrouterlogin.com, linksys login.net, 192 168 1 1 linksys router login, linksysrouterlogin, linksys router login, linksys log in